Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policy

We are committed to "all energy-related products and services" as our business domain, and through our generator business, mainly GENERAC and TEDOM products, dispatching and trial operation business for various plants, building maintenance business, renewable energy business such as biogas and solar power generation, and these corporate activities, we will establish an environmental management system and continuously work to prevent environmental pollution, create a sustainable society, and protect the environment.

Range of Applications

Organization: CaPLANT Co.,Ltd.
Business Activities : Import, sales, and O&M of various types of generators

(1) Import and sales of various generators, O&M
(2) Various plants, building maintenance staffing
(3) New business planning (vegetable processing business, liquid fertilizer processing business, cogeneration business)

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Energy plant equipment commissioning and adjustment, energy plant equipment operation, maintenance and upkeep, plant equipment installation and repair work / air conditioning equipment / electrical equipment / water supply and drainage equipment / boiler equipment / fire fighting equipment / operation and management of electrical equipment / water supply and drainage equipment and air conditioning equipment in public facility buildings / emergency generator sales and installation / vegetable processing Business / Liquid fertilizer processing business / Cogeneration business planning


認証基準  : ISO 14001:2015・JIS Q 14001:2015

登録日   : 2023年1月24日

有効期限  : 2026年1月23日

登録証番号 : EC22J0017

認証機関  : 株式会社日本環境認証機構(JACO)

認定機関  : 公益財団法人 日本適合性認定協会(JAB)


エネルギープラント設備試運転・調整、エネルギープラント設備運転・保守維持管理、プラント設備設置・補修工事、空調設備 / 電気設備 / 給排水設備 / ボイラー設備 / 消防設備 / 公共施設の建物における電気設備 / 給排水設備や空調設備の運転管理、非常用発電機 販売・設置、野菜加工事業 / 液肥加工事業 / コージェネ事業企画
1. Addressing climate change

We will actively expand sales of environmentally friendly products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote efficient and sustainable use of energy, and contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, thereby mitigating environmental impacts at our customers' sites.

2. Prevention of environmental pollution

We will strive to prevent environmental pollution by chemical substances and oil, reduce their impact, reduce emissions of air pollutants, and reduce and properly dispose of hazardous waste and wastewater.

3. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We will comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.

4. Effective use of resources and energy

We will periodically review our work processes to improve the efficiency of our internal work systems and to conserve resources and energy. We also set environmental objectives and targets to achieve our environmental policy, and review them periodically.

5. Establishment of environmental management

To achieve our environmental objectives and targets, we educate all people who work for or on behalf of our company to continuously improve and raise their awareness of environmental management.

6. Contribution to the creation of a recycling-oriented society

We will strive to build a recycling-oriented society by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

7. Publicize and disclose environmental policies

The environmental policy is documented, implemented, maintained, and made known to all persons working for or on behalf of the Company, and disclosed to interested parties.

Establishment : April 1, 2022
CaPLANT Co.,Ltd. President and Representative Director: Yukichi Ijichi