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GENERAC Products
GENERAC emergency generator

Gas generator with No.1 market share in the U.S.

Emergency generators using LP gas and city gas, with clean exhaust and long-term storage, are ideal for BCP measures and disaster countermeasures. We boast an extensive lineup of generators for home and commercial use, from small to large, to meet a wide range of demands.

TEDOM Products
TEDOM gas cogeneration

The world's leading manufacturer in gas cogeneration

Fuel costs can be significantly reduced because waste heat is effectively utilized for hot water, air conditioning, steam, etc. at the same time as power is generated by the gas. Models are also available for various gas fuels, including city gas, LP gas, biogas, landfill gas, mine gas, and sewage gas.

ECPOWER Products

Highly efficient and compact CHP

EC POWER's XRGI® is a highly efficient, compact, multi-certified CHP that provides the best energy solution for buildings with power and heat demands. It features flexible installation, high efficiency, quiet operation, compatibility with local supply systems, extensive after-sales service and a network of certified partners.