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Support for BCP measures from the field of energy

Due to frequent disasters in recent years, there is no end to power outage damage. CA Plant believes that preparing for power outages due to disasters is not only necessary for local governments and public institutions. In today's world, where dependence on electricity is increasing, the demand for self-defense preparations for power outages is increasing year by year, even among private companies. BCP is designed to protect the lives of companies, but at the same time, it is a plan that has the potential to save many people by securing a minimum lifeline and living environment in an emergency.

Natural disasters continue to increase
Secure an emergency power supply just in case

Power outage countermeasures are essential in formulating a BCP. The fact that there is power even during a power outage makes it possible to do many things. We maintain a room temperature that does not harm health even in midsummer or midwinter, operate the washing machine to provide clean linen, prevent data loss such as personal computers, and charge mobile phones that can be a source of information and a means of communication. All of these are very important matters in an emergency and should be taken into consideration when formulating a BCP.

Supporting Business Continuity by GENERAC
Emergency power generation system proposed

The GENERAC emergency generator is equipped with a self-check function that automatically starts up and starts self-diagnostic operation at a set cycle such as once a week. Fully automatic operation for peace of mind even during power outages. It is set to automatically start in about 5 seconds when a power failure occurs, and stop in about 1 minute after recovery. If you contract with CA PLANT's full maintenance service, we will provide full support for a fixed annual fee, including emergency response in the event that an abnormality is found through self-checking, as well as regular inspections in the event of other problems.

GENERAC Structure and Features

Features of LP Gas Generators

LP gas is an abbreviation for liquefied petroleum gas, which is a clean energy source with no emissions. It is used in 25 million households, or about half of all households in Japan, and its portability makes it an important energy source on islands and in mountainous regions. Unlike diesel generators, gas generators are clean generators that do not emit black smoke. Since the fuel is also gas, there is almost no deterioration, making gas generators an epoch-making generator for emergency preparedness.

Our Products

GENERAC, the No. 1 generator and electrical manufacturer in the U.S.

Since its founding in 1959, GENERAC has continued to develop as a manufacturer of generators for commercial and residential use, primarily in the United States. Currently, the company produces a wide range of generators for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
GENERAC has a sales network not only in the U.S. but also all over the world. In Japan, C.A. Plant Co., Ltd. became the distributor of GENERAC emergency generators in Japan in 2015.


Space-saving and low-cost installation is possible in homes and small offices.

The Guardian Series of GENERAC air-cooled gas generators offers a choice of either city gas or LP gas at the time of installation.
The system automatically performs a 5-minute self-check operation once a week (settable at your option).


Generator for medium-sized business facilities.
Can also be used for water, air conditioning, and other commercial equipment at facilities.

The GENERAC water-cooled gas generator Protector series offers a choice of either city gas or LP gas at the time of installation.
The system automatically performs a 12-minute self-check operation once a week (settable at your option).


An imposing style and presence that you will not regret your choice.
A top-of-the-line generator that can meet any need.

Superior quietness and is compatible with capacities from 35 to 170 kW for LP gas and 35 to 1000 kW for city gas.
Automatically performs a 15-minute self-check operation once a week (settable at your option).

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