Building Maintenance Business

We will make full use of the know-how we have cultivated to date
We propose facility management that flexibly meets the needs of our customers.

The operation and management of electrical equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, air conditioning equipment, etc. in a building is a task to maintain the comfort of the building. Equipment staff with specialized knowledge and skills perform maintenance and inspection of each equipment in accordance with legal standards, maintain and manage the life of buildings and equipment, and correct defective parts.

Resident Management

We are stationed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in buildings where a quick response to equipment problems is required, and inspect and maintain equipment tailored to the building.

Equipment Fortifications

We perform repair work for building equipment, including electrical equipment, air conditioning equipment, plumbing and sanitation equipment, and firefighting equipment.

Facility Inspection and Survey

Inspects building facilities and equipment at regular intervals and investigates whether there are any defects.

Facility Cleaning

It is outstanding in terms of hygienic space and environmental friendliness. For example, air conditioning systems are directly related to the air environment, and water supply and drainage systems are directly related to the water environment, which in turn is directly related to human health.

Facilities Management Services