Possibilities for Energy Use Expanding from CaPLANT Know-how cultivated in the plant business and technology capable of controlling overseas products are at the core of our business.

Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by proposing more efficient energy use
We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society

In this age of revolutionary technological advancement, we believe it is important to actively gather information and conduct research on renewable energies such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar thermal, and biomass, and to constantly seek and realize "what we should do now and what we can do. We believe that providing specialized know-how will help our clients improve productivity and reduce costs, which in turn will enhance their corporate value and lead to "a company that can survive," "the material and spiritual well-being of employees," and "contributions to society.
As the world strives for a de-carbonized society, we will continue to focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient power generation systems as the core of our business, and together with our customers, we will make great strides into the future.


CaPLANT's Energy Business

The energy business of the CA Plant achieves comfortable energy management that takes the global environment into consideration. Our responsibilities in environmental facilities and the environment include reducing CO2 emissions through measures to combat global warming, focusing on LPG generators and biogas, a renewable energy source, to protect our beautiful planet, and providing environmentally friendly products and services as a supplier or as a system planner for our customers. We will build the best environment with the latest technology and contribute to the important future environment that is not only ours.


Renewable Energy Business

Creating new energy from waste and unused biomass
Renewable Energy Solutions"
We aim to solve energy issues in a wide range of locations, such as factories, hotels, and hospitals, to save energy, costs, and CO2 emissions, and to revitalize local communities.
We aim to revitalize communities by saving energy, costs, and CO2 emissions.


BCP Measures Energy Business

Prepare for disasters with a BCP business continuity plan.
With natural disasters occurring more frequently, the disaster-resistant "LP gas generator" has become the emergency power source in the event of a power outage.
Disaster-resistant "LP gas generators" are attracting attention from the perspectives of BCP measures and energy conservation.
BCP measures and energy conservation.


CaPLANT Technical Services

Since its founding, CA Plant has been involved in the commissioning and operation management of environmental facilities such as waste incineration facilities, water treatment facilities and power plants. We will contribute to the realization of an environmentally sustainable society by using the rich track record and technological capabilities of many plant engineers over the years.
In addition to environmental facilities, we also provide building maintenance services for private and public facilities (city halls, community centers, libraries, etc.).


Plant Business

We provide consistent support from the customer's perspective, from commissioning to upkeep and maintenance of plant facilities Since our establishment in 1984, we have focused on commissioning and upkeep of plant facilities. With offices nationwide, our engineers with extensive experience and know-how provide meticulous support.


Building Maintenance Business

Air conditioning equipment / Electrical equipment / Plumbing equipment / Boiler equipment / Fire fighting equipment / Others