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If you follow your heart, you will be swept away. If you work with wisdom, you will be cornered.
Poems are born and paintings are created.

Our mission as an environment and energy company is to speculate on what the world has been like in the past and what the world will be like in the future on a global scale, and to help realize a sustainable society.

In this age of innovative technological evolution, we believe it is important to actively collect information and conduct research on renewable energies such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar thermal, and biomass, and to constantly seek and realize "what we should do now and what we can do in the future. We believe that providing specialized know-how will help our clients improve productivity and reduce costs, which in turn will enhance their corporate value and lead to "a company that can survive," "the material and spiritual well-being of employees," and "contributions to society.
As the world strives for a de-carbonized society, we will continue to focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient power generation systems as the core of our business, and together with our customers, we will make great strides into the future.

Management Philosophy

Through our involvement in the environmental and energy fields, we will contribute to the creation of an environment in which people can live their social lives with peace of mind. We also aim for the material and intellectual happiness of our employees.

Environmental Initiatives

We are committed to "all energy-related products and services" as our business domain, and through our generator business, mainly GENERAC and TEDOM products, dispatching and trial operation business for various plants, building maintenance business, renewable energy business such as biogas and solar power generation, and these corporate activities, we will establish an environmental management system and continuously work to prevent environmental pollution, create a sustainable society, and protect the environment.

Quality Initiatives

Our business field is "all energy-related products and services," and through our generator business, which mainly uses GENERAC and TEDOM products, we have built a quality management system and provide the quality, price, and delivery that our customers demand. , to improve customer satisfaction.

About Us

Company Name CaPLANT Co.,Ltd.
Representative Representative Director and President: Yukichi Ijichi
Establishment March 2000 (H12)
Capital Stock 30 million yen
Number of Employees 180 (as of May 1, 2022)
Main Banks Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank, Main Branch / Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Umezu Branch / Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Kyoto Branch
Construction Permits General construction business (General-01) No. 35443, Specific construction business (Special-03) No. 35443
Electrical construction, plumbing, machinery and equipment installation, cleaning facilities construction
Temporary staffing paid referral permit 26-ユ-300211
Patent No. 66920098 Power supply systems, power switching methods, and demand devices
2000 (H12) Established CaPLANT Inc.
2013 (H25) Began sales and installation of GENERAC emergency generators as the exclusive Japanese distributor for GENERAC of the U.S.
2014 (H26) Head office relocated (Ukyo-ku, Kyoto)
2017 (H29) Alliance with TEDOM (Czech Republic) Started sales of gas cogeneration systems in Japan
Management Innovation Plan approved
2018 (H30) Kyoto Eco-Style Certified
2020 (R2) Obtained patent for "Power Supply System, Power Switching Method, and Demand Control Device
2023年(R5) Partnership with Danish company ECPOWER Started domestic sales of small gas cogeneration systems in Japan
2023年(R5) Acquired ISO 14001:2015 and JIS Q 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS)
Client GENERAC (U.S.A.) / TEDOM (Czech Republic) / Tokyo Gas Engineer Solutions, Inc. / Osaka Gas Facilities, Inc. / Plantech Corporation / Takuma Corporation / Hitz Environmental Services Corporation / Ebara Field Tech Corporation / Saara Energy Corporation / Sanin Oxygen Industry Corporation / Fukuoka Oxygen Corporation / Miyako Gas Corporation


67-1 Umezu Shirimizo-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto TEL.075-863-3300