Quality Initiatives

Quality Policy

Our business field is "all energy-related products and services," and through our generator business, which mainly uses GENERAC and TEDOM products, we have built a quality management system and provide the quality, price, and delivery that our customers demand. , to improve customer satisfaction.

Range of Applications

Organization: CaPLANT Co.,Ltd.
Business Activities : Import, sales, and O&M of various types of generators.
       New business planning (vegetable processing business, liquid fertilizer processing business, cogeneration business)
Emergency generator sales and installation/new business planning (vegetable processing and sales/liquid fertilizer processing and sales/cogeneration equipment sales)Applicable products and equipment: Generators, generator parts, vegetable processing equipment, liquid fertilizer processing equipment.
Address : 67-1, Umezu-Shirimizo-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.
Target personnel: Managers and employees (including temporary employees).
Exemption: Rooms at Grand Moor Nishinotoin and Umezu Grand Heights.
Not applicable: 8.3 Design and development of products and services.

1.Providing high quality products

We select customer-oriented products and equipment, pass on the skills and techniques we have accumulated over the years, and continue to supply products that meet customer needs. Furthermore, we will promote the provision of products that are constantly aware of the cutting-edge needs and wants of our customers.

2.Improving customer satisfaction

Through our services, we carry out activities to improve customer value, deliver better products and services more quickly and at reasonable prices, and aim for zero customer complaints.

3.Providing appropriate services

We will establish management methods and maintenance techniques for equipment and promote a system that can stably supply products through equipment maintenance activities.

4.Human resource development

We treat our customers, employees, and business partners with gratitude, and strive to develop human resources who can earn the trust of everyone and who will be responsible for the next generation.

5.Continuous improvement

We will continue to grow as a company by regularly reviewing the risks and opportunities, as well as suitability and effectiveness, of our quality management system and making continuous improvements.

6.Legal compliance

We aim to develop in harmony with society by complying with laws and regulations and achieving SDGs certification.

Establishment: March 1, 2023
CaPLANT Co.,Ltd. Representative Director and President Yukichi Ijichi