CA Plant’s vegetable processing business was published in “月刊事業構想2023年8月号”


Our vegetable processing business started in July 2023, aiming for zero waste vegetables in Kyoto. This initiative attracted attention and was published in "月刊事業構想2023年8月号".

We purchase non-standard Kyoto vegetables directly from farmers without sorting. Through this initiative, waste vegetables can be reduced. It also has the advantage of reducing the burden on farmers because sorting work is not required. This initiative aims to reduce food loss and make a significant contribution to the local community.

In the feature article of the August 2023 issue of "月刊事業構想2023年8月号", "New business using non-standard local vegetables, opening up the market with food processing", the thoughts, background, and characteristics of this business are introduced in detail. Thank you for reading and for your interest in our work.

CaPLANT Co.,Ltd. will continue to grow its vegetable processing business and contribute to the local community. Please look forward to our future efforts.